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John Rubano

John Rubano. John has been in “Seinfeld” and “According to Jim.” He has done voice over work for “Pinky and the Brain,” “Superman,” “The New Batman Adventures,” and “Rugrats.” He is an alum of The Second City, having worked with Dave, Steve Carell, and Amy Sedaris.

Alexandra Billings

Alexandra Billings. Alex is an actress and singer who has been in “Eli Stone,” Nurses,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “ER.” She has been in productions at Steppenwolf Theater, and is a teacher for Steppenwolf Theatre West in LA. She was the first Transgendered Female to play a Transgendered Female on television.

Jon Barinholtz

Jon Barinholtz. Jon has been on “Parks and Recreation,” “Outsourced,” and “Happy Endings” on ABC. And, with Rob Belushi, is the other half of “Barinholtz & Belushi,” an improv duo that’s recently sold out their Chicago Improv Festival shows at Second City. Jon and Rob are also in “Pie Guys,” a Comedy Central digital series premiering in May of 2014.

Faith Soloway

Faith Soloway. Faith is a founding member of Chicago’s Annoyance Theatre, the former music director for Second City, and, with her sister writer, Jill Soloway, created Annoyance Theatre’s cult classic “The Real Live Brady Bunch.” Faith is currently writing for “Transparent,” Jill’s original series on Amazon.”

Rick Hall

Rick Hall. Rick is a Second City alum. He has been in “Key and Peele,” “The Middle,” “Arrested Development,” “Seinfeld,” “According to Jim,” and “24.” Rick’s one-man show “Pig Boy” played two sold-out performances at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, and his short “Slice of Pie” has won nine national film festival awards.

Rob Belushi

Rob Belushi. Rob’s been on “How I Met Your Mother,” “According to Jim” and starred in “The Joe Schmo Show.” He’s also a Second City and iO alum, and performs with Jon Barinholtz in “Barinholtz & Belushi.” Rob is the son of Jim Belushi and is John Belushi’s nephew.

Dr. Phil Plait

Dr. Phil Plait. Dr. Plait is also know as “The Bad Astronomer.” He has been on “The Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” was the host of Discover’s “Bad Universe,” a consultant on “Nova,” is a columnist for, and is the author of three books including “2^7 Nerd Disses.” Dr. Plait is also Dave’s cousin. On location in Boulder, Colorado.

Derek Miller

Derek Miller. Derek has been in the film “Transformers,” and on television was a regular in “Wedding Band” and “Secret Girlfriend.” He also appeared in episodes of “Scrubs” and “The Hills.” Derek is a seasoned improvisor, and appears weekly in the superb “Opening Night: The Musical” at iO West in Los Angeles.

Peter Mackenzie

Peter Mackenzie. Peter has been in “Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23,” “Mad Men,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” He was also in the films “It’s Complicated,” “One Hour Photo,” and “Good Morning, Viet Nam.”

Tamara Holder

Tamara Holder. Tamara is a contributor on FOX News Channel’s “Hannity.” She is also a lawyer, a frequent guest on CNN, HLN, and has written for The Huffington Post. On location at FOX News in New York City.”