All posts in August 2013

Gary Austin

Gary Austin is the founder of The Groundlings, was in The Committee, is a master teacher, a wonderful musician, and is starring in the film “We’ve Got Balls,” currently running on the festival circuit.

Eddie Jemison

Eddie Jemison has been in “Ocean’s 11,” “Ocean’s 12,” and “Ocean’s 13.” He was a regular on “Hung,” was in “Six Feet Under,” and “Behind the Candleabra.” He wrote and co-directed the film “King of Herrings,” currently making the festival circuit.

Pete Gardner

Pete Gardner has been in The Transformers, The Middle, Evan Almighty, Workaholics, Malcolm in the Middle, and was a cast member with Dave in the long-running improv group, Stacy’s Not Here.

The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival 2013

Dave and Ian have appearances at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival on the 29th and 30th of August respectively in Austin Texas. Check out the Events.

Jane Morris

Jane Morris has been in “Behind the Candelabra,” “Frankie and Johnny,” “United States of Tara,” “For Your Consideration,” and “The Drew Carey Show.” Jane is also an alum of The Second City, and, with her husband Jeff Michalski, started Second City’s etc. theater.

T.J. Jagodowski and David Pasquesi

T.J. Jagodowski and David Pasquesi.T.J. has appeared in the films “Stranger Than Fiction,” “The Ice Harvest,” and since 2004 has starred in the long-running series of improvised Sonic Drive-In commercials. David has appeared in the films “Someone to eat Cheese With,” “The Year One” and “Angels and Demons.” Together they starred in the documentary “Trust Us, This is All Made Up” a film that chronicles a “T.J. and Dave” performance which was included at the 2009 South by Southwest Film festival.

Jim Ortlieb

Jim Ortlieb has appeared in a “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Felicity,” “Six Feet Under,” and the films “Magnolia” and “A Mighty Wind.” Jim has also appeared in numerous productions on Broadway.

Mark Beltzman

Mark Beltzman is a Second City alum, a teacher, an actor and a director. Mark was in “According to Jim,” “Billy Madison,” and “The Wedding Singer.”

Armando Diaz

Armando Diaz is an improv veteran. He was the first host and the namesake of the improv structure known as “The Armando,” and is sought-after improv teacher and director. Armando is a co-owner of The Magnet Theater, New York City’s improvisational theater venue and school.

Jill Bernard

Jill Bernard is a founding member of the Twin Cities’ HUGE Theater. She’s performed her one-woman improv piece, Drum Machine at the Chicago Improv Festival, the Toronto Improv Jamboree, the Miami Improv Festival, Philadelphia Improv Festival, and the ComedySportz National Tournament, among others. She has taught and performed improv in Norway, Canada, and over thirty of these United States, in cities, and was also on an episode of MTV “Made.” This podcast was recorded before a live audience at Huge Theater during The Twin Cities Improv Fest 7.